Shop Your Color: Yellow

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Dress: Lovers + Friends | Pool Float: BigMouth Inc. | Hat: BP | Solid Shorts: J. Crew | Lemon Shorts: Show Me Your MuMu | One Piece: Private Party | Top: Vince Camuto | Earrings: J. Crew | Romper: BB Dakota |

Hi guys!

Just looking at all this yellow is making me smile. Yellow brings out the best in any day, even when it’s cloudy (like it its for me right now). Summer is the perfect time to wear yellow because it makes your tan pop and goes so nicely with all the colors of nature in summer. It stands out against the cool blues of a beach or pool and nicely complements the greens and pinks of all that’s in bloom!

These pieces I’ve chosen are so fun and show just how many ways you can wear yellow this season. First, the Lovers + Friends dress is so pretty. It would be perfect for a summer wedding or any occasion you can use as an excuse to get a little dressed up. I love the lace details that come just a few inches further than the rest or the dress, it really accents the detail nicely and complements the see-through waist.

I want that pineapple float so, so badly I can’t even tell you guys! My whole life I’ve wanted a pool and all these cute floats I keep seeing just make me want one that much more! This pineapple one just screams summer though, I mean who doesn’t love some juicy, sweet pineapple on a hot summer day?

I am that girl on the beach with the floppy hat, so it’s safe to say I was a little beyond ecstatic when I saw this hat (that’s only $25!). It is so cute and the light yellow lettering adds a little bit of whimsical detail which is adorable.

I probably own over ten pairs of J.Crew chino shorts (I always stock up when they are on sale) and these cute little yellow ones are giving me a reason to get another (plus, they’re on sale too!). These shorts are the perfect shade of yellow to complement a nice summer sun kissed glow. There would pair nicely with so many tops too! I’m a lover of pale yellow and navy together, so I would probably wear these with my favorite navy and white striped boatneck from Vineyard Vines (mine is old, but you can get a similar one at J.Crew that’s on sale!).

Another pair of shorts I’m itching to add to my collection are these Show Me Your MuMu ones I found. I love, love, love the lemon prints this summer and these shorts are so perfect. The print is beautiful and they’re the perfect fit and length, not too tight or short. You could pair these with a yellow top to add even more brightness to your look, or let the shorts stand out but going for a more understated white top. Either way you can’t go wrong with these!

I was a lifeguard for years so I have a special place in my heart for one piece swimsuits. This one from Private Party is so cool. I really wish I had seen it before my trip to Vegas this past May, it would have been perfect for the pools there.

This Vince Camuto top is one I have been dreaming about for months. It comes in three colors which are all gorgeous and is now on sale! It may be time for me to finally invest in it, given how much I love off the shoulder styles. I love the way the fabric sways it looks like the most comfortable piece.

These earrings are so fun. They’re bright enough to stand out and small enough not to overpower an outfit. Yellow can be a tricky color like that, but these are perfect!

Finally, I have a strapless yellow romper from a couple years back that I love to wear any chance I get. When I saw this one it reminded me of mine so I had to include it. I love the lace detail and the off the shoulder look (as per usual). This look would be so perfect for almost any occasion. I wear mine to lunches, dinners, the beach, shopping, honestly anywhere. Yellow pieces are good at making it look like you put a lot of effort in, even if you just threw it on in a hurry.

I hope you guys love these fun pieces as much as I do! I can’t wait to keep sharing more with you in the coming Shop Your Color features.


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Shop Your Color: Pink

Shop Your Color: Pink

Pool Float: BigMouth | Sandals: Jack Rogers | Dress: Eliza J | Sneakers: Converse | Shorts: Draper James | Candle: Target | Two Piece Set: J.O.A (Top & Bottoms) | Book: Kate Spade | Pullover: Lilly Pulitzer |

Happy Friday!

Today I’ll be sharing the next of my Shop Your Color Guides. Today is Pretty in Pink! I’ve had a rocky relationship with the color pink for most of my life but I have to say it’s really grown on me in recent years.

To start off this guide is the cutest summer accessory of all – a pretty pink pool float! This is so cute and I feel like I could live out my dream of being a mermaid on it. Plus, think of all the instagrams you could post with it…sorry I’m shameless with the basic ‘grams.

I bought my first pair of Jack Rogers a few years back and they instantly became my go to sandals. I now own them in almost every color out there. These ones are super cute. I love the color pink they use and the gold whipstitch. I also really like that it has a slight wedge to it. It dresses the shoe up a bit (plus when you’re on the shorter side like me any extra height is appreciated).

This dress is so perfect for a summer wedding or party. My favorite part has to be the scallops at the bottom. It’s crazy how sometimes little details can add so much to a dress. The scallops give this dress an even more feminine look. It would probably pair perfectly with the Jacks next to it too!

Converse have been a staple since forever. Everyone knows the iconic sneakers. These ones though are awesome because while the typical pairs can be a bit chunky, these are much daintier. The light pink color is also perfect for pairing with so many looks, especially other great go-tos like jeans and a t-shirt.

I recently discovered Draper James, Reese Witherspoon’s line, and have fallen completely in love. Each one of her pieces perfectly captures her preppy style and Southern background. These shorts are perfect for summer. The seersucker is a classic print and the white detailing on the side sets the look apart from so many others. I would pair these with a dressier white tank top (my go-to is a white cowl neck tank) and a simple pair of pearls. Casual yet elegant, just like Reese herself!

Every time I go to Target (or any store with home furnishings) I always seem to find myself in the candle isle. Candles are the best. I love them so much that I’ve spent years trying to hide them from my RAs in college (sorry!). This Peony Petals candle is one that I’ve had for years. I’m so glad Target still sells it. Its such a pretty smell. Plus its design just begs to be put on display. The gold top makes it a nice accent piece, so your home can look and smell better!

Two of my favorite styles are two piece sets and midi skirts and dresses, so you can probably guess I was a little beyond excited to find this set for sale at Nordstrom! It just makes me think of a picnic in a beautiful park. The gingham pattern and light weight material are just made for summer!

Kate Spade is one of the best brands out there. The way they’re able to capture a lifestyle in each of their pieces is pretty inspiring. This book captures exactly that. A sort of guide for modern women, it contains tidbits of advice filled with both wit and wisdom. I know they say to never judge a book by its cover, but this cover is not only pretty and fun, but also does a great job of capturing the book’s message. I just love the circular wine stain (it’s very me).

Finally, I picked this Lilly Pulitzer pullover. I love Lilly and all the fun prints, but sometimes it can be hard to incorporate them into a daily look. I find that I don’t get much use out of each of my outfits. This piece however is much more versatile and understated, while still having the charming look of her other pieces. It is a great top to have to throw on at night time when the air gets a little cooler.

You guys can shop all my picks via the links up top and in each paragraph. I hope you enjoyed Pretty and Pink and I can’t wait to share the next Shop Your Color guide soon!

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Shop Your Color: Red

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Dress: ASOS | Bracelet: Tory Burch | Bikini: J.Crew (top & bottoms) | Earrings: BaubleBar | Water Bottle: S’well | Sunglasses: Kate Spade | Sandals: Tory Burch | One Piece: Motel | Bag: Kate Spade

Hi guys!

Welcome to my first ever Shop Your Color feature. I’ll be showing off my favorite items in each color category. Red being my favorite, I naturally picked it first!

I could go on for pages on why I love red so much. Its such a rich and vibrant color, it turns anything into a statement piece. I buy so much red it’s insane but I can’t help it, it’s always what catches my eye.

I found this dress on ASOS and it’s a perfect combination of all my favorite summer styles. It’s flowy and off the shoulder and the tassels on the sleeves are so fun! I’m just imagining how light and comfortable it must be. It would be the perfect piece to throw on in a rush. It honestly would work for a lot of  occasions, dressy enough to wear out to dinner but casual enough to be a simple cover up for a day at the beach or pool. For me, that’s the perfect piece!

I am a big bracelet lover, you can catch me wearing gold ones in most of my posts (gold is my all time favorite) so naturally this pretty Tory Burch cuff caught my eye. It would pair nicely with an outfit with pops of red or could stand alone with a simple white tee and a pair of jeans. It is an easy way to take your look to the next level and add a bit of drama to a simple outfit.

This bikini set from J.Crew is currently on sale! The red is a nice hue with a more matte look, which great for giving a smoother overall look and making your tan pop! I also can’t get over the scalloped look its so pretty!

I’ve been seeing more and more of these tassel earrings everywhere and I really like them. My roommate wears them best and I can’t get over how fun they are. These ones are from BaubleBar where you can find all sorts of cute pieces to add to any outfit!

I bought a S’Well bottle this past year and will probably end up devoting a post to how much I love them. At first I was skeptical about their claim that they can keep drinks cold for 24 hours, but I’m a total believer now! I bring mine with me everywhere! My sister purchased an off brand one from Walmart and we brought them both to the beach to see how they would compare. Well, just a few hours in the sun and her water was lukewarm while mine was still cool as a cucumber. So I’m hooked, I already have this Lily Wood color, but the red one is so pretty I may just have to buy another.

I’ve stuck with my Ray-Bans forever but I saw these red sunglasses online and fell in love. They are the perfect shape and the red it just enough to add an edge without being too much. Plus, the details on the side (apparently called the “temples”) are so pretty. You can’t see them in the picture above but you can see them online!

I found the cutest red Tory Burch sandals around Christmas time this year at Nordstrom Rack and I love wearing them now that it’s finally warm enough. These ones are really similar and the pearl and gold accent is so so cute. Plus. I really like the jelly material because it makes them waterproof and leaves you with less worry about potentially ruining a nice pair of shoes at the hands of a puddle or surprise summer rainstorm. These shoes could really be work everyday because the dressier details and the wearable material combine to give you a versatile shoe you can wear all summer long.

Maybe it was all my summers life guarding that make me want this red swimsuit so badly. I love the high cut of the leg and obviously the bright beautiful color! You can find this fun one piece available for preorder from Revolve.

Last and certainly not least is this perfect little bag from Kate Spade. I have a really similar one that I bought a couple summers ago but this one may just be even cuter with the tassel bow accent!

I’m so excited to share these color collections with you guys, each item I’ve chosen is on my wish list. They’re all so fun and perfect for the hot summer months. Stay on the lookout for the other colors coming soon!



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