What to Pack for Thanksgiving Break


Thanksgiving Packing ListCollege students know the ups and downs of the fall semester. The excitement of going to sporting events and seeing your friends. The piles of work each week that seem endless. And the unmatched joy of knowing that a break is right around the corned. Fall is the best because it’s filled with fun mini breaks that help to make the semester feel less tiresome. One of the challenges though is deciding what and what not to pack. If you’re anything like me, packing can be a real nightmare that leads to your bag being stuffed fatter than the Thanksgiving turkey.

After years and years of overpacking (three years of boarding school and 4 years of college), I think I finally have found the perfect system that avoids piles of clothes and a bag that won’t zip.

The key is to try and plan your outfits in advance. This helps to alleviate the panic of “I need to pack this too because I might wear it!” Trust me, you probably won’t. Half the stuff I packed was stuff that I wanted to wear but didn’t put together in a full outfit, so it just got thrown to the side and then repacked.

The best place to start is with a clean space. Clutter around you only makes packing seem more overwhelming and puts things in your line of sight that you may accidentally end up throwing in too.

Before I pack, I always tidy my room and make sure my bed is made. It gives me peace of mind and a clean spot to lay out my clothes. It’s always best to do laundry first too (that’s a big stretch though, especially if half the reason you are so eager to go home is so that you can finally do your laundry in peace without fear that some random is going to waltz by and steal your dryer).

Once you have a clear space in front of you, plan out one outfit for each day that you are home. Sometimes I start by writing out a list, sometimes I start by laying out clothes…it all depends!

When you’re planning think of what you’ll be doing that day. I know for certain that I won’t want to be wearing a skirt and heels on Black Friday, when I’m running around like a crazy person. And I know that I won’t want anything tight fitted on Thursday because I plan to eat my weight in food (mostly dessert).

As you’re going through your outfit plans, make sure to ask yourself “will I actually wear this?” If the answer is yes, then put it in the pile, if the answers no, it’s best to leave it at home. It’s also good to try and think of pieces that you can wear multiple times. I planned at least two outfits around my tan vest so that’s one less thing I need to pack.

Be sure to be realistic with yourself. You probably won’t be home for more than a week, so you probably don’t need to pack three different pairs of jeans and 5 different pairs of leggings. I try and keep it to one pair of jeans, one pair of nice black pants, and a pair of leggings. Also try to keep in mind what you already may have at home. I know that I keep extra pajamas at home so I don’t need to worry about taking them back and forth.

The one thing you can never pack too much of is socks, I always seem to need more socks! Try and keep your shoes to a minimum as well. This is where I always struggle the most! I want to bring home all my boots and flats and booties and they just take up so much space! This year I am sticking with my tan boots (last seen here), my black heeled booties, my black Tory Burch flats, and my Hunter rain boots. Even that is probably too many pairs but hey, nobody’s perfect!

Anyway, once you’ve chosen all of your outfits and consolidated as much as possible, try and find a bag that will hold everything. I sometimes pick a bag that is too small and end up with multiple. My go to for weekends are the Vera Bradley Large Duffles. They come in lots of pretty prints and hold everything!

If you need a little inspiration, here is my packing list for this year. A few more things may slip in, like my cozy blanket scarf, but for the most part this is it!

Thanksgiving Pack List Words

Now that you’re packed and ready to go you can sit back and relax and think of all the delicious food you get to eat!

Do you guys have any go-to packing advice? Or any suggestions on what bags are good for travel (I’m always on the hunt for new ones!)? Feel free to share below!

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A Walk in the Woods with the Perfect Fall Vests











My Vest: T.J.Maxx | Abby’s Vest: J.Crew Factory |My Sweater: J.Crew | Abby’s Sweater: J.Crew |My Jeans: Paige (last seen here)| My Boots: Nordstrom (old, similar here) | Abby’s Shoes: Sperry

It’s hard to believe its already mid-November. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and it feels like winter is coming faster than we know it. The temperature has finally cooled down after a warm October and we are in the perfect climate for fun fall looks! Puffer vests are one of my go-to fall staples they’re the perfect bridge between being too chilly without a coat and too warm with one.

Our vests kept us perfectly cozy on our walk through the woods. The leaves were so pretty we got up early to see them before heading out on a long day of adventures. Abby was a real champ posing for all these pictures. Sometimes getting the right shot can be tricky but she made it fun and was very patient! I think I may have actually convinced her to start blogging herself…maybe.

For those of you who don’t know, Abby is my roommate. She’s a ray of sunshine. Seriously the sweetest person I know. I am so lucky that she puts up with all my craziness and still chooses to be friends with me day in and day out. I really don’t know what I would do without her.

One thing Abby and I have in common is out love of preppy styles and fun fall looks. This comes in handy because I have an extra closet to look though. Most of the vests I own are from J.Crew and J.Crew Factory.  I love them because they aren’t bulky but still keep you nice and warm. Plus, J.Crew Factory always has the best deals so you don’t have to feel like you’re emptying your wallet. Abby’s navy vest is from J.Crew and mine is actually from T.J.Maxx. I love the red stripes because they give it a fun preppy feel.

I love mixing patterns and colors with vests, like here with stripes and solids. I also like to play around with different shirts and sweaters. Another favorite vest of mine that’s not pictured here is my herringbone print vest from J.Crew, I bought it first a few years ago and wore it all the time until I lost it. I was so bummed when I couldn’t find it, so I was especially glad when I found it on sale at J.Crew Factory.

So many brands are having great sales for the holiday season, most of the items linked above are currently on sale so go check them out! J.Crew, J.Crew Factory and Nordstrom in particular always have the best sales. I rarely pay full price for their clothes which is good because I’m a broke college student.

If you guys have any suggestions about good places to find vests, feel free to comment below! I’m always looking for new places to shop (it’s dangerous).

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