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Merry Christmas!

In my family we have a tradition where each kid takes turns picking out the Christmas tree. Even though we’re getting older, this is one tradition I am not ready to give up, especially since this year was my turn!

We usually go to a local stand to pick out our tree. I have a tendency to to pick the biggest tree there, but my process is not that simple. There are several factors that go into a perfect tree.

  1. It has to be full. I like the trees that are a little chubby at the bottom. I usually try and hug the tree (not even kidding) to see how big it is.
  2. It has to be covered to the center. It is the worst when you see a beautiful tree that is bare at the center.
  3. It has to be (fairly) straight. I have learned the hard way that the leaning trees, no matter how pretty, never look as pretty once they’ve fallen over.
  4. It has to have the perfect top to fit our angel. My mom puts a beautiful angel on our tree so I always make sure she has a good spot.
  5. Last, but certainly not least, It has to be tall enough that I can’t reach the top (but not so tall that my dad shakes his head).

Unfortunately, the day we picked out our tree, my go-to photographer (my mom) was sick and my back-up photographer (my brother) was “not feeling it.” So, we couldn’t get the shots, but, luckily Abby and I got a chance to go to Henry’s Christmas Tree Farm in Hope, RI.

It was the first snow of the season and we headed out to Henry’s. We had never been there, but we had heard wonderful things. When we arrived we saw trees as far as the eye could see covered in snow. There was a tractor that drove people out to find their own perfect tree.

Abby and I walked through the snow trying to find the prettiest trees we could find. We watched all the snowflakes move through the air and stick to the trees and us. It was so beautiful and such a fun little adventure to break up finals week.

Have you guys gotten your tree yet? What are some of your favorite tips for picking a tree?

Love Ashley

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