Book Review: The House Girl

Happy Wednesday!

A little while ago I was roaming around an Amazon Bookstore by my house and stumbled upon this gem of a book that I’m going to be talking about today. First, let me just say how cool Amazon Bookstores are. I’ve been in love with Amazon for awhile because it is so convenient, and as a college student its always the first place I check for books because they’re always so much less expensive than my school’s bookstore. Anyway, what I loved about this bookstore was that it featured all the titles that I normally see when I’m looking around online.

They also feature little book reviews by Amazon customers on the shelves, just like if you were to look online. I love that because another reason Amazon is my go-to is because I can read reviews and know which products work.  The best thing about the store though was when I checked out. As an Amazon Prime member I get discounts, and to access my Prime account all I had to do was pay with a card already hooked up to my account. It was so easy and I walked away with my latest page turner, just like that!

I started reading this book on the train to and from Boston for my internship and soon I was spending every free moment I had trying to get one more page in. I absolutely love the feeling of becoming completely absorbed in a good book – it’s the perfect escape.

The House Girl, by Tara Conklin details the stories of two remarkable women who’s lives seem to entwine even though they were born centuries apart. Josephine Bell is a house slave in the nineteenth century who desperately dreams of freedom. Lina Sparrow is a first year associate at a New York law firm assigned to a reparations case for the ancestors of slaves.

Each chapter switches between Josephine and Lina’s story and both characters grab you instantly. Conklin manages to create two rich female characters. I would be sad each time a chapter ended because I wanted more of one story, then would get instantly hooked by the next character’s chapter.

It’s so hard to not spoil any of the good parts of the plot for you guys, but I highly recommend this book. For me it was perfect because I have always loved the South (even though I’m a New England girl at heart), something about it has always fascinated me, and it’s my dream to be a lawyer one day. Plus, the cover is beautiful! I mean, I know they say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but this one is just so pretty! I loved seeing it on my nightstand each day.

If you get the chance, go pick up this book, you can get it on Amazon like I did. If you guys have any reading suggestions of your own for me, please let me know! There’s nothing better than a good book in summertime.



2 thoughts on “Book Review: The House Girl”

  1. Thanks for the recommendation! This book sounds right up my alley and is being added to my TBR list. I am also extremely interested in this Amazon Bookstore! I looked it up online and saw that there aren’t any near me….yet. Only Amazon can reinvent the very industry it disrupted–and I am dying to get to one!

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    1. I’m so glad to hear that! It’s quite a good book! The Amazon Bookstore is really cool too. The one near me was opened within the last year, so it’s fairly new. Hopefully there’s one by you soon!


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